Research, development, and innovation activities

In our research, development, and innovation activities (RDI), we produce knowledge and practical solutions aimed at making the world a better place to live, work, and do business step by step. We creatively and agilely combine our expertise from various scientific and professional fields to ensure that Kainuu and our wider operational area continue to develop.

RDI News

Nainen punaisessa paidassa ja mustassa bleiserissä istuu valkean pöydän ääressä ja nojaa leukaa käsiinsä.

RDI Focus Areas

Our RDI activities are robust and active in all our areas of expertise. Our three main RDI focus themes data-driven management, sustainable future, and game development and serious games/Applied Games in Learning and Innovation.​ Through these focus areas, we conduct development work, carry out applied research, and actively engage in innovation.

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Our experts

Over 150 experts work in RDI activities at KAMK. Their diverse expertise and the right attitude are key to successful research, development, and innovation activities.

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Annually, the volume of RDI activities exceeds €7 million, funded by 15-20 different sources from Finland and the European Union. KAMK consistently ranks as one of Finland’s top and most productive universities of applied sciences in the Ministry of Education and Culture’s performance ranking.

Project-based work is at the heart of our university’s RDI activities. Projects range from short preliminary studies to comprehensive long-term projects involving multiple partners and funders. This collaboration generates solutions and innovations that shape the future.

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Publication activities are an essential part of our impact and knowledge sharing within the academic community and society at large. Our diverse activities cover research articles, reports, expert articles, as well as magazine articles and blogs aimed at a broader audience.

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Research Permit

A research permit granted by Kajaani University of Applied Sciences is required when research involves our students, staff, or the institution itself. The research permit is needed to approach staff and/or students regarding research matters.

Permission to Conduct Research