Introduction to Open RDI

Open RDI involves using open models in research, development, and innovation activities at universities of applied sciences. Open RDI aims to make methods, data, results, and outputs used in projects available to everyone within the limits set by research ethics and legal frameworks.

We use the Open Science and Data Management Guide, which aims to help understand the nature of open RDI activities.

We conduct commissioned research projects and studies, the results of which can be published. If interested, contact RDI Director Mikko Keränen at 044 710 1620 or

Open Science and Data Management Guide (In Finnish)

Publication Activity Guide

The Publication Activity Guide contains information on KAMK’s publication activities, including guidelines related to open science and research. KAMK is committed to adhering to the principles of open science and research and to enhancing open science skills.

Publication Activity Guide (In Finnish)


Publications produced at KAMK have been stored in Theseus since 2016.

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