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Over 150 experts work in RDI activities at KAMK in various fields. The work is deeply rooted in the professional world. Collaborating with companies, municipalities, associations, and foundations, we research and develop current phenomena and issues. Our extensive networking ensures that our RDI activities stay up-to-date and have a real impact. Join our network by contacting one of our experts.

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Mikko Keränen, Director of Research, Development, and Innovation: RDI Partnerships, Regional Development, Municipal Services

Tutkimus- ja kehittämisjohtaja

Mikko Keränen

Tuula Haverinen, project expert

The project expert coordinates KAMK’s project activities and provides aid in project planning, especially with funding programmes and budgets. All funding applications go coordinately through the project expert. The project expert is in charge of starting projects and orientating the project leads.


Tuula Haverinen

Recruit a student

Our students contribute significantly to the work through their theses and innovations. They are a valuable resource that nourishes the development environment with fresh ideas and perspectives. Use the link below to submit a thesis topic or internship offer for students on Tiitus. Tiitus is a common and centralizer channel for academies to announce employment and training positions.

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