Cross-institutional studies

Cross-institutional studies

Cross-institutional studies offer students the possibility to complete studies from other higher education institutions’ selections.

KAMK’s study management system Peppi is the service gateway of the Cross-institutional studies (RIPA). Through this gateway we publish courses open to all higher education students. If your higher education institution is using the Cross-institutional study service and is part of the same network as KAMK, you can register for KAMK’s Cross-institutional courses directly through your institution’s Peppi or Sisu system. The course evaluations are also transferred directly to the student’s home institution via the Cross-institutional gateway without a separate approval process.

You can see the Cross-institutional courses for your higher education institute in Peppi:
PSP (HOPS) – Selecting studies – + Add studies (small magnifying glass) – Seach: Choose Ristiinopiskelu and click search

You can enroll for Cross- institutional courses in Peppi:
PSP (HOPS) – Enrollments – + Search for courses – Vain ristiinopiskelutarjonta (only Cross-institutional studies)

KAMK Cross-institutional courses
All the Cross-institutional courses offered by KAMK will be available in the future in the KAMK Study Guide, under the heading ” Cross-institutional studies”. In the study guide, you will see the name of the Cross- institutional study network, the courses in the network, the course content, study method, enrolment deadlines and the course teacher.

Cross-institutional course catalogue

Cross-institutional study networks
Cross-institutional study selection is based on network agreements between higher education institutions. Higher education institutions are part in different Cross-study networks, and students can only enroll in courses in networks where their own university is part.

KAMK is part of the following Cross-institutional study network:

CampusOnline AMK and CampusOnline YAMK

CampusOnline is a joint digital course platform of Finnish universities of applied sciences, which brings together online courses from more than 20 universities of applied sciences.

You can select courses from another university of applied sciences free of charge and include these studies in your degree.  CampusOnline allows you to study 100% online: register for courses at any university of applied sciences and study where it suits you best!

Courses are free of charge for attending degree students (Bachelor/Master) and for exchange students at universities of applied sciences as well as for Open University of Applied Sciences Pathway Students. For other Open UAS students, the courses are subject to a Open UAS study fee in accordance with the normal practice of the university of applied sciences offering the course.

CampusOnline’s online portal will be open until the end of 2024, after which the courses will be completely transferred to the CampusOnline AMK and CampusOnline YAMK networks under the Cross-institutional study gateway. From autumn 2024 onwards, KAMK will publish its own CampusOnline courses through the Cross-institutional study gateway.

NOTE! KAMK own degree students do not enroll for our own courses via CampusOnline! For KAMK own degree students, the same courses are offered usually in free-choice courses


Master’s Degree in Technology Competence Management

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) and Centria offer a joint course for students of Master’s Degree in Technology Competence Management -program. This offer is not open to other groups of students.


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Please contact the course teacher directly:

You can find the names of the course teachers in the KAMK Study Guide.


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