Internationality at KAMK

Internationality at KAMK

KAMK is a proactive and internationally oriented university located in central Finland. Our vision is to be a small but influential university of applied sciences. We pride ourselves on providing successful and efficient education in our operational areas, while also striving to be a nationally and globally attractive partner within our selected spearhead areas of expertise.

At KAMK, we approach problems from a multidisciplinary perspective, leveraging data and our expertise in gamification. We firmly believe in the importance of human values, ensuring that they are never overlooked. Our small size allows us to focus on fostering strong interpersonal skills, which are among our key strengths.

Basic information

International Team

Each KAMK school has its own International Coordinator who handles international affairs as well as teaching. For all matters related to international affairs, please contact the staff of the International Services or the International Coordinators.