Hey KAMK alumni! Welcome to join our alumni activities!

All graduates of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) are considered alumni.
Alumni are important contact partners for KAMK and a link to the changing world of work.

Alumni activities in KAMK:

  • Meaningful activities and a great community
  • A skilled workforce and opportunities for continuous learning
  • Smooth learning and agile transitions to working life
  • Innovation, renewal and international links

KAMK alumni activities follow the cKAMK pedagogical model:

KAMK keeps in regular contact with alumni and offers meaningful activities and networking opportunities between students, alumni and working life. Alumni stories are used to inform new and current students about the opportunities offered by KAMK working life.

Working with alumni to develop high-quality teaching, interesting educational content and create new innovations. Alumni provide important information on the needs of working life, which can be directly transferred to teaching.

Alumni are involved in coaching students to better respond to current challenges in the working life. Alumni have the opportunity to develop their skills by participating in webinars and training courses. KAMK offers students and alumni continuous and flexible opportunities for learning and competence development.

When you sign up to the alumni register, we will keep you informed about alumni events by email. Be sure to also follow the KAMK alumni Facebook page.

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Alumni Activities – We arrenge regular activities for alumni!

Alumni – sign up to be a mentor or lecturer!

Would you like to share your career story or tell students about your work? Do you have specific skills that are needed in today’s and tomorrow’s working life? Would you like to act as a student mentor? You are welcome to share your knowledge with current students! You can sign up as a visitor or lecturer by sending email alumni@kamk.fi or directly with the alumni coordinator in your field:

E-mails to: firstname.lastname@kamk.fi

English taught degrees & Mentoring Program: Kirsi Sievers

Game Development: Joonas Muhonen and Markku Karppinen
Mechanical and Construction Engineering & Mentoring Program: Tuomas Komulainen

Social and Health Care:
Nursing: Anna-Kaisa Korpinen
Social Services &  Mentoring Program: Does not yet have own coordinator. Please contact alumni@kamk.fi

Master’s degrees:
Päivi Karhu

Open UAS, continuous learning:
Elina Kiviaho

Alumni Activities Designer:
Henna Huusko, Head of Study Affairs