After Graduation

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) wants to be involved in the lives of our students even after graduation. We hope to keep in touch with our students and maintain the KAMK community and spirit in various means.
All graduates of KAMK are considered alumni. Alumni will receive information about further and complimentary education at regular intervals.

Alumni activities

Staying in Finland after Completing the Studies

After completing the studies, non EU/EEA student may remain in Finland if he/she can be granted a new residence permit on other grounds. The permit may be granted, for example for: 1) postgraduate studies (the same field of study) 2) employment 3) on the basis of family ties. A foreign student who has graduated from a Finnish university of applied sciences can be issued a temporary residence permit so that he/she can look for work. A new temporary residence permit can be issued once for a graduate for one year after the previous residence permit has ended.

Career Monitoring Survey

Every year in October – November, the career monitoring survey is sent to thousands of people who have graduated from a UAS five years ago with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Idea of the survey is to collect information from where have the UAS graduates found employment, how does the accomplished degree meet the needs of working life and what is the career path of a higher education graduate like. KAMK utilize the career monitoring data in the planning and development of education.

Certified Copies of Certificates

KAMK Study Office can provide in certain cases certified copies of the degree certificate on request. KAMK archives contains only the most recent certificates (year 2014 – March 2020) and older certificates must be requested from city of Kajaani archive. If in need of certified copy of certificates, please contact KAMK Study Office.

Note: From April 2021 graduating students have received electronical degree certificate and certificates in paper are no longer given. Electronic degree certificates meet the highest EU requirements and can be verified  the Digital and Population Data Services Agency’s “Validate PDF document” service or within the European Commission programme Connecting Europe Facility. The signature can also be authenticated using the Atomi Validator service available on the KAMK website.

Validate Document European Commission Validate a Signature