Permission to Conduct Research

A research permit granted by Kajaani University of Applied Sciences is required when research involves KAMK’s students, staff, or the institution itself.

The research permit is KAMK’s authorization to approach staff and/or students regarding research matters. The research permit does not replace the individual’s consent to participate in the research. If data is collected directly from participants, such as through surveys or interviews, each individual decides whether to participate in the research.

Research permits are primarily granted for scientific research or theses. A research permit can be granted to KAMK staff if it concerns further studies or research related to KAMK’s activities. The research plan must indicate how the results will be disseminated and how they will benefit KAMK’s development.

Research permits at KAMK are granted by the rector.

Conditions for Granting a Research Permit

A research permit and the provision of data/materials are conditional upon the researcher ensuring the data/materials are handled in compliance with data protection laws and privacy regulations.

KAMK is committed to following the guidelines and recommendations of the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity (TENK). A research permit is granted only for research that adheres to ethical guidelines and good scientific practice.

The researcher is obligated to use the data/materials confidentially and solely for the purpose of the authorized research. After the research is completed, the data must be destroyed appropriately.

Applying for a Research Permit

The research permit application and attachments should be sent by email to

Application requirements include:

  • Research plan (including data management plan)
  • Participant information sheet
  • Participant consent form
  • Other materials provided to participants (e.g., survey or interview guide)
  • If ethical review is required, the statement from the ethics committee should be included
  • If personal data is processed, the data protection notice should be attached

Research Permit Application Form