About KAMK

KAMK – Small Big University

KAMK is a proactive and international university in central Finland with a strong reputation for innovation both regionally and nationally. It serves the development needs of the region in the fields of well-being, technology and communication, as well as tourism. The university promotes the region’s opportunities for people to become top professionals in their chosen field, such as adventure tourism, nursing and healthcare, business expertise and entrepreneurship, the ICT industry or the engineering and mining industries. These professionals then also have the chance to provide their expertise even outside of Finland.

We offer our students a high-quality and student-centered learning environment. We consider students as individuals and our small, but dynamic, university provides them a safe place. We want students to enjoy their time with us. An important focus point in our activities is study guidance and tutoring, with the goal of helping students succeed in their studies. Graduates value our university and have given high ratings, especially for the quality of teaching and guidance.

Our staff is our strength. They have a positive, innovative, and open-minded attitude towards developing themselves and the work community. Kajaani University of Applied Sciences values work and expertise, and supports well-being and growth.

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences values education as well as research and development work in local, regional, national, and international networks. Our work is focused on the needs of the working life and customers, aiming to provide added value to our partners and contribute to the region’s success.

There is a creative joy in the activities of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. Welcome to Kajaani University of Applied Sciences to explore what practical regional development work and international cooperation means.