Other ways to Apply

Student Admission through different ways

Kajaani University of Applies Sciences (KAMK) has the discretion to offer a study admission to students outside of the traditional joint application process.

Restitution of the Right to Study

Were you just a few credits short of getting your degree?
Did your studies get interrupted when you studied at KAMK or at another Finnish University of Applied Sciences? Do not worry, you can reapply to KAMK and finish your degree. At this site you can find instructions for how to apply for reinstatement of your right to study in different situations.

Transfer Students

Students who wish to apply for a transfer to Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) must have the right to study in a degree programme in a  Finnish University of Applied Sciences and they should be progressing in their studies according to their study plan.

A transfer student is a student whose study right is transferred either to different degree programme or from different higher education institution.

See Studyinfo to read general instructions: What is transfer application?

Admissions criteria at KAMK

  • You can apply for a transfer, if you have a study right in a degree programme in a Finnish higher education institution
  • You have completed studies at least worth of 22 ECTS per semester or 45 ECTS per academic year (excluding accredited studies)
  • You have been a present student at least one academic year.
  • You have a realistic possibility to graduate during the standard study time. Study right does not start from the beginning or be extended after transfer.

Required documents

• Officially signed and stamped certificate of enrollment containing attendance record
• Officially signed and stamped transcript of records and a list of ongoing courses (personal study plan)
• If necessary, a document verifying exemption from tuition fee payment
Save the documents online to your application.

Prerequisites for

The selection is possible only when
• You meet the transfer admissions criteria
• There are study places in the study group you’re applying to
• Your previous studies can be included to the degree at KAMK
• Your remaining study right is enough to complete the degree at KAMK

The applications are submitted on Study Info during the application period (taking place twice a year).

Transfer student cannot register as absent in the first academic year after the transfer.

Application periods 2024

2 – 15 May (studies starting in autumn)
1 – 15 November (studies starting in spring)

Results published latest by:
30 June (studies starting in autumn)
15 December  (studies starting in autumn)

Accepting the study place latest by:
31 July 3 pm Finnish local time (studies starting in autumn)
31 December 3 pm Finnish local time (studies starting in spring)

Tuition fees

Further information about KAMK tuition fee and scholarship policy please see our website Tuition fee and scholarships at KAMK

Discretionary Admission

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) uses discretionary admission, so that other applicants, who do not fulfill the eligibility criteria fully, may also be invited to the entrance examination, if KAMK considers their skills and knowledge sufficient. Discretionary applicants are included in the student selection process in the same way as other eligible applicants. Discretion only concerns an applicant’s eligibility to apply.

Applicants without the required education background should contact KAMK Admissions Services before or during the application period for further details: admissions(at)kamk.fi.

To apply in discretionary admission:

1) apply normally online at Study Info during application period

2) submit copies of the certificates that you wish to invoke to KAMK Admissions Office. Please enclose the cover letter shortly explaining why your application should be considered in discretionary admission. The attachments must arrive by the deadline of enclosure documents.

Please note, that when using discretionary admission, the copies of the same certificates must be sent to each university of applied sciences to which you are applying.

Please refer to your applicant number in all correspondence.