Bachelor’s Degree in Esports Business

Advance to the next level – learn to master managing and planning Esports as a business enterprise by taking the Bachelor’s Degree in Esports Business!

Application period: 8.1.-22.1.2025

Enter the Business World of Esports

Are you a fan of esports? Are you a player but want to deepen your expertise in esports? Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of your favourite esports team? How large esports events are executed? The Esports Business degree program at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences provides its students with an exclusive look into the business landscape of the next billion-dollar industry.

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences provides its students with invaluable hands-on experience within the rapidly growing esports industry. The ‘Esports Business’ degree program delves into the various components that propel the business side of one of the world’s fastest-growing sports.

The Bachelor’s of Esports Business is not a player training course and therefore is not focused on improving the students’ in-game ability but rather provides attendees with an all-encompassing curriculum focused on the various career opportunities available in the esports landscape, primarily focusing on business operations, digital marketing, and event management. You will receive the same core fundamental business knowledge as those within traditional business degrees, but through the lens of esports and utilizing topical industry case studies. Examples of additional courses include individual coaching, contract law, and esports service design.


The Bachelor of Business Administration degree for Esports Business has a duration of 3,5 years and extends 210 ECTS. Read more about the content of the studies from the Study Guide.

Study Guide

Future Careers

Backstage Access to Esports

Your future career might be with esports teams or organisations, marketing or with developing and managing partnerships and business collaborations. Your tasks may include identifying new products or distribution opportunities, negotiating agreements, sourcing sponsors or doing market analyzing, research or financial modeling to help to make the business decisions. You can also coach players and team members or start your own business.

Go Live with Hands-on Experience

Esports cannot simply be taught in a classroom, and for this reason practical hands-on experience, entrepreneurship and networking are vital components of the curriculum. From the moment the studies begin students are presented with a wide range of exciting opportunities including joining our on-site esports organization KAMK.GG or planning campus activities (viewing parties, LAN sessions, etc) within the KAMK.GG Lounge.

Tuition fee

There is a tuition fee for non-EU/EEA citizens starting their studies at KAMK. Read about tuition fee policy at KAMK from here.

Student Agreement

All non-EU/EEA citizens selected for English-taught studies leading to a Finnish higher education degree must read and approve a Student Agreement before accepting the study place. The Agreement applies to students who will start their studies after 1.1.2023.

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