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Arrival in Finland

Most students fly to Helsinki first and continue to Kajaani from there.  Please note that unfortunately the student discount may not be available before starting the studies at KAMK as the International student cards are not always accepted for travelling. 


In Helsinki

Helsinki-Vantaa airport is located about a half an hour bus drive away from the Helsinki city centre. If you are taking the train or bus from Helsinki onwards, the easiest way to get to the city centre is to take a Finnair bus. Finnair buses operate between the airport and city centre (railway station) every 20-30 minutes. The railway station is located in the city centre and the Finnair bus goes directly to the main railway station.

A train connection between Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and Helsinki city centre was opened in July 2015. Read more

The buses to Kajaani leave from Kamppi bus station in Helsinki, which is located close to the main railway station.

In Kajaani

Kajaani is located about 600 kilometers from Helsinki. The quickest way to travel to Kajaani is to take a flight (approx. 1 hour), but you can also travel by train (approx. 7 hours) or bus (8-10 hours). You can find a good offer of bus connection with Onnibus. The timetables and ticket prices can be found on the web pages of the appropriate companies, please see the links for further details. 

The Kajaani Airport is located approximately 10 km from the town center. Train station and bus station are in the town center.


Finding your Accommodation

We will arrange a taxi for all incoming international students unless otherwise agreed. The students will have to pay for the taxi themselves, it will cost approximately 15 - 30 euros/person depending on the arrival place and the location of the accommodation. In there are delays and the taxi has to wait, the price may be higher. The taxi will take you directly to the address of the accommodation, and a tutoring student will welcome you at your accommodation with your room keys. Please note that there is no reception available unless you have informed us of you arrival date and time and that arrival in the middle of the night (between 23.00 and 05.00) is not recommended.

Please note that there are no shops in the campus area and that the student restaurant and cafes are only open during school hours. Please consider this if you arrive late in the evening or during the weekend. Also the airport in Kajaani is small and there are no shops available.

Fill in the Notice of Arrival to inform us of your arrival date and time.

Did you know...
The nearest bigger cities are Oulu and Kuopio - you might want to check for flights also from Helsinki to Oulu or from Helsinki to Kuopio and then continue to Kajaani by train. Both cities are approximately 200 km from Kajaani, which means 2-3 hours in a train.