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Bachelor's Degree in eSports Business


Be at the frontline of the growing eSports industry and study to be a professional in the eSports Business!

Degree:  Bachelor of Business Administration 
Extent of studies: 210 credits
Duration: 3,5 academic years
Number of study places:    15
Studies begin: End of August every year
Language of Instruction English


Electronic Sports (eSports) is a computer-based competitive and recreational sport broadcast to a live audience. Esports has been becoming increasingly popular since the beginning of the 21st century and it has an increasing impact on the sports industry. In Finland it is also one of the fastest-growing top sports, already being a natural part of many young people's everyday lives. The number of players is expected to grow rapidly to hundreds of millions around the world. Championships for the most popular titles gather larger audience than many sports championships. Professional video game competitors have generated millions in revenue over the past few years thanks to sponsorship and advertising.  

Growth has been exceptionally rapid and it has not been possible to respond to training requirements in Finland. Now you have the unique opportunity to be in the frontline of this new business area and study to be a professional in eSports Business!

Content of Studies

The degree provides you with an understanding of the manifold business operations and business elements of competitive gaming. Further on in the degree, you will master managing and planning eSports as a business enterprise. Studies are practically oriented and students will be participating in several real-life projects throughout their studies.

In the basic studies, you will gain business competence needed to understand the fundamental processes of business operations and the eSports landscape. In professional studies you will study management and leadership, eSports event management and managing and planning international operations. You will also dive in deeper to the eSports landscape to learn about the eSports business, games, publishers and the community. 

In the optional studies you have a chance to specialize in coaching, event management, game development, entrepreneurship or in R&D projects. Completing the practical training (30 ECTS) and thesis (15 ECTS) within the same field will enable further expertise in the chosen field. The studies will include field trips to explore the events in eSports but also arranging their own eSports events in locally. 

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Career Opportunities

As a professional in eSports Business, you can be working with developing and managing partnerships and business collaborations (such as advertising, marketing, sponsorhip to name a few). You tasks may also include identifying new products or distribution opportunities, negotiating agreements, sourcing sponsors or do market analyzing, research or financial modeling to help to make the business decisions. Depending on the area of your specialization, you can also coach players and team members, start your own business or work in game development. 



KAMK together with Vuokatti-Ruka Sports Academy (VRUA) together with the Finnish Association of Electronic Sports (SEUL) are building an international eSports hub known as the eSports Centre in Kainuu. The project aims at designing and implementing a new esports athlete’s parth alongside traditional sports offered at VRUA. In addition to Sports Academy operations, the project will build an international eSports Camp concept for top athletes and teams. Future plans include e-athlete coaching and training camp activities and developing athlete testing services.

For many years, KAMK has been at the forefront of game and simulator education and application development in Finland and Europe.  We were among the first educational establishments in Europe to be accepted to the world famous German game engine manufacturer, Crytek GmbH’s, VR First program. Therefore we have the latest virtual reality hardware and software available at KAMK. 

We also run a Nordic eSports Academy (summer school) that aims at improving the students' overall knowledge of the eSports industry and improve their game playing skills towards professional level. 






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The next application period to eSports Business opens on 9-24 January 2018. Find more information and fill in the application here!