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Exams and Retakes

Every course includes three (3) opportunities to sit an exam (the exam proper and two retakes) and all are governed by the same regulations. Lecturers announce the dates of these exams at the beginning of each course.



  • Date will be announced at the beginning of the course. All students expected to participate!
  • Course exam will be considered a used exam opportunity even if the student does not participate
  • There is no need to register for this exam separately
  • Not participating the exam will appear as an "E" in your transcript



  • If you fail the course exam, you can take a retake. There are 2 opportunities to retake the course exam.
  • Retakes are taken on a general exam date and dates for each course are given by the lecturer in concern (you cannot choose the date yourself!). The retake opportunities for each course are the following possible retake dates within the same or the immediately following semester.
  • You must register according to instructions.


In cases of illness or other sudden obstacles, please contact the lecturer immediately to agree about the exam. Please note that registration for an exam is considered as an exam attempt even though the student would not participate in the actual exam. Late registrations will not be accepted.

The exam dates and registration deadlines with exam rules can be found in the Academic Year Guide.

Maturity Test
The maturity test related to the thesis is written during the general exam dates. The exact date must be agreed with the supervising teacher when returning the thesis.



Assessment is used to measure wide-ranging professional competences.

Students’ know-how, professional knowledge, and skills are assessed using a grading system
- in numbers from 1 to 5 (5 Excellent, 4 or 3 Good, 2 or 1 Satisfactory, 0 Fail)
- using ‘Pass – Fail’
- the mark ‘E’ means that the student did not attend the exam
- If the student did not participate in a course, no grades will be recorded in the transcript of records.

In word based grading a 70 % correct answer must be achieved to be awarded the grade of ‘pass’.

Courses transferred from elsewhere will be marked with a P (English-taught programmes) or with an H (Finnish-taught programmes).

The lecturers will explain the principles of grading at the beginning of each course.

The grades awarded will be shown on ASIO on your Transcript of Records within one month after the exam date or the deadline set for an assignment.

General Exam Dates

General exam days are for course exam retakes and maturity tests. You should register for the exams by filling in the Exam Registration online by the given deadlines at the latest (usually a week before the exam).  Please fill in the registration carefully, with full name of the course you intend to retake and the name of the teacher! The registration will be delivered directly to the teacher, who will check if you have chosen the appropriate date for the course in concern.

The registration from can be accessed from intranet (log in to intranet: Studying/Teaching > Forms for Students > Retake Exam Registration Form.aspx).

Exams are arranged in Taito 1 in the evenings, at 18:00 – 20:15. Students should be present at 5.40 p.m. in Taito 1 Netcafe. Supervising teachers will guide students to the right classrooms. 

The exam dates can be found below and in the Academic Year Guide.

Autumn Semester 2017

 Month  Register by  Exam Date        Note!
 August  Thu 17.8.         Thu 245.8.  
 September     Thu 14.9.  Thu 212.9.  
 October  Thu 5.10.  Thu 12.10.  
 November  Thu 26.10.  Thu 2.11.  
   Thu 9.11.  Thu 16.11.  
   Thu 23.11.  Thu 30.11.  Last exam date for graduating students!
 December  Tue 5.12.  Tue 12.12.  


Spring Semester 2018

 Month  Register by       Exam Date       Note!
 January            Thu 11.1.  Thu 18.1.  
   Thu 18.1.  Thu 25.1.  
 February  Thu 8.2.  Thu 15.2.  
 March  Thu 15.3.  Thu 22.3.  
 April  Tue 5.4.  Tue 12.4.  
   Thu 19.4.  Thu 26.4.  
 May  Thu 1.5.  Thu 8.5.  Last exam date for graduating students!
   Tue 15.5.  Tue 22.5.  
 June  Tue 29.5.  Tue 14.6.  Note the registration date!

Exams and Retakes  2018-2019.

Computer Retakes

Computer retake dates are different from the general exam dates (retake dates). Computer exams will be arranged on Wednesdays and you should register for the exam by Thursday, 4:00 p.m. the previous week. 

Exams are arranged to take place between 4.00 p.m. and 6.15 p.m. The class room will be announced with the exam date in the Intranet News and InfoTV. You must register for computer retakes according to the normal registration procedure by Thursday (4.00 p.m.) a week before the exam. The registration from can be accessed from intranet (log in to intranet: Studying/Teaching > Forms for Students > Registration for a Computer Retake.aspx).

The exam dates are as follows:

Autumn semester 2017: 13.9., 11.10., 29.11
Spring semester 2018:    7.2., 21.3., 18.4., 16.5.