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Sports sticker

The sports stickers will go on sale to the KAMO book store at the end on September. In October you can also buy the stickers from the instructors of group fitness lessons at the beginning of the lesson (note that instructors can take cash only). KAMO book store will sell the stickers through the school year.

You can buy the sports sticker either for one semester or for the whole academic year at once. There are two kinds of sports stickers:
OurSports (30€/55€) - broad membership includes use of sports hall and gym independently and also possibility to attend instructed lessons offered and
MySports (20€/30€) - brief membership  that includes only the use of sports hall and gym independently.

For group fitness lessons you need to show your sticker to the instructor before lesson begins. Independent gym and sports hall users need to show the sticker if it’s been asked.