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Lesson descriptions

Strength training lessons (50 min)
On these lessons the idea is to strengthen muscles using different equipment and training methods. The methods and themes change weekly.
Lessons include a warmup followed by approx. 30min main workout and a cooldown/stretching part. Strength training lessons are suitable for both beginners and more experienced clients. The intensity of the lesson is from medium to heavy. With extra weights you can influence how heavy the workout feels for you.
During this class you will need water bottle, training shoes and clothes suitable for sports.

Body wellbeing lessons (45 min)
The intensity of these lessons is low and the goal of them is to maintain wellbeing and good ability to function. Body wellbeing lessons are suitable for independent workout or e.g. after heavy training to help recovery. The themes and training methods change weekly.
During this class you will need clothes suitable for e.g. stretching. You don't need shoes for this lesson. Due to low intensity take into account that you might need warmer clothes (hoodie etc.)

Indoor cycling (50 min)
Indoor cycling lessons improve aerobic fitness and strengthen mostly leg muscles and also the core. At the start of the lesson we help at adjusting the bike and at finding the right cycling position.
Lessons include a warmup, main workout and a short cooldown part. The intensity of the lessons is from medium to heavy, but with adjustable resistance you can affect the load. Intensity also varies during every lesson by doing some parts with higher heart rate and some with lower. Lesson is suitable for both beginners and more experienced clients.
During the class you will need a water bottle, indoor cycling shoes or other shoes suitable for indoor sports, sweat towel and light sports clothes.

Changing theme (50 min)
Training with a specific theme for one month. You can check the themes from the KAMK Sports semester plan. The themes vary from dancing to martial arts and acrobatics. More specific information is published before every new starting theme. Follow the notifications in Facebook and KAMK Sports website!

Theme training (60 min)
In these lessons we try more unusual and totally new types of sports and activities from Kin-ball to training in a group with a giant colorful cloth. Theme training is arranged once a month. If you have suggestions of themes, contact us via Facebook or email us:

Suitable especially for beginners