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Frequently asked questions


Why it costs?

On previous years KAMK Sports has had a project funding and the money from it has been used to support the activities among other things by hiring a worker to start and to maintain the activities. Already from the beginning of KAMK Sports the money from the project has been intended for only a certain period of time and it has been planned that eventually the activities will become chargeable. From the autumn 2016 KAMK Sports has been a company of JA-studies and the goal of it is to give an opportunity for students to get acquainted to entrepreneurship already during studies. By being a company we can take into account the references of university sports and the suggestions of other students much better than before. Still, the work for KAMK Sports is going to be paid also in the future. Without the funding from the project that means that the activities have to be chargeable. Kajaani University of Applied Sciences is still supporting the sports of students by offering the sports locations in the use of KAMK Sports. Without this support the sports stickers would cost way more than now. 

Why also the independent sports- and gym turns cost?

Even if there is not instructor present on all the sports- and gym turns the maintenance of them requires work. To keep the turns working without any problems someone has to plan and inform how the locations can be used. Also one has to keep track of the use of locations and should be able to react the possible suggestions and changes. From now on KAMK Sports is in charge of these actions and also the general tidiness and order and the maintenance of equipment. 

Where can I buy a sports sticker?

The sports stickers are available in KAMO bookstores throughout the academic year. The group fitness lessons are also possible to attend with single payment (4€).

The sticker for summertime (SummerSports) is available throughout the summer and youcan buy it by contacting us either via email ( or via Facebook (KAMK Sports).

What do I get with the sticker?

With the broad OurSports (35€/60€) membership you have a right to use the sports locations and gym independently, attend ball sports turns and also possibility to attend instructed group fitness lessons offered. With the brief MySports (25€/40€) membership you have the right to use sports locations and gym independently and to attend ball sports turns.

I bought the wrong sticker. What can I do?

If you have bought MySports sticker and you want to upgrade it to the OurSports sticker it is possible by paying the differece between the prices. Changing the OurSports sticker to MySports is not possible. When changing the sticker please e-mail us. KAMO bookstores doesn't make any changes between stickers.

Why do you cancel sport turns?

All sports facilities in our campus are mainly in teaching use. Sometimes the classes are evening time and so the sport facilities might also be in use. We always try to inform you about the becoming cancellations by e-mail and by the doors of sports facilities. Cancellations of the sports hall turns can be found also from our webside: Sports selection - exceptions at the sports hall turns.

What will happen if I go to a turn without the sticker?

The independent use of sports locations without sports sticker is forbidden. If you don’t have one when inspecting the stickers, we will charge you the price of the sticker and the costs of invoicing. 

Where do I find the sports selection?

You can find all the sports- and gym turns and the selection of group fitness lessons in the website of KAMK from the tab Studying – KAMK Sports – Sports Selection. You can also find the turns for the sports locations in Intra. Furthermore we inform in Facebook of coming changes and who is going to instruct and so on.  

Can I work as an instructor for KAMK Sports?

From time to time KAMK Sports might need help from other students to carry out activities demanded as it is not always possible to instruct all the lessons with the resources and know-how of different sports of two instructors. It is clever to benefit from the know-how inside our own university. KAMK Sports hires other instructors if needed and you get paid from it as you should in every workplace. If student is going to do work studification amongst KAMK Sports they will get either credits or salary or both from instructing depending on the type of the studification. KAMK Sports also works together with the teachers by making possible to carry out the instructions of some modules in the group fitness lessons of KAMK Sports. From these instructions students will get credits through the module they are in. The baseline is that KAMK Sports announces when instructors are needed but if you have know-how of some special or more rare sport which could be instructed as a separate course, you can contact us –