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KAMK Sports

KAMK Sports offers sports services accessible for all skill levels for students. Activities take place in the areas and sports locations of our campus. We offer instructed group fitness lessons and possibility to use the sports locations of the campus independently. The goal of KAMK Sports is to enhance the wellbeing of our students and to make possible for everyone to do sports throughout the studies.

You are allowed to use the services of KAMK Sports with a sports sticker: if you buy the brief membership (20€/ semester) you are allowed to use the sports hall (ball sports turns) and the gym independently. With the broad membership (30€/semester) you get all these and also the possibility to attend every instructed lesson offered.

KAMK Sports is included in Junior Achievement –studies and the students running the business are Tanja Ihalainen and Ronja Mattila.

Ball sports
You can use sports hall turns during times shown in the weekly calendar above. Turns are mainly meant for independent use except some beginners’ turns which are instructed – of these we will inform separately later on. Also take into account that the beginners’ turns are for actual beginners: let’s give a chance for everybody to practice and to get the joy of sports also amongst totally new sports.
Personal Training

KAMK Sports offers Personal Training services for KAMK students and personnel. PT-package of 3 months includes personal training programme, nutrition couching, instructed training sessions 2 times/month and e-mail/phone support for the whole programme. Depending on clients progress the training programme will be modified every two weeks. Price 40€/month.

Our PT is sports instructor student Markus Piispa.

Show your interest kamksports@kamk.fi

Contact us

Tanja Ihalainen ja Ronja Mattila 

e-mail: kamksports@kamk.fi

Facebook: KAMK Sports

Instagram: @kamksports

Group fitness

KAMK Sports offers four different types of group fitness lessons every week. Every week we arrange a strength training workout and aerobic indoor cycling lesson. We also have one body wellbeing lesson to offer and also one workout in which we change the theme every four weeks. Once in a month we also arrange a theme training – it is something special you maybe don’t have a chance to try so often. Along with KAMK Sports group fitness lessons you also have a chance to participate in LAVIS (5€/lesson) that is arranged by Myötätuuli. The group fitness lessons are mainly arranged in Kunnon Syke Musical exercise room.


Gym turns
The two gyms of campus (in Kunnon Syke and Taito 2 building) are available for students and personnel during the opening hours of the Uni if there is no lessons going on at that time. We keep track of the use of gym turns with the notebooks which you can find from both of the gyms. So please mark your visit every time you use the gym. Find more detailed info in the notebook. You can check the gym turns from the weekly calendar above (Sports selection).

OurSports -sticker (independent use of sports hall and a possibility to attend instructed lessons offered)
Semester 30€
Academic year 55€ Note! Not for sale on spring semester

MySports -sticker (Independent use of sports hall and gym)
Semester 20€
Academic year 35€ Note! Not for sale on spring semester

Single payment 4€ (one group fitness lesson)