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Important Dates

Preliminary Timetable for Graduation in May 2017:

 Return the thesis for evaluation (to supervising teacher) April 
  All assignments should be returned to the teacher by
 Apply for the degree certificate in ASIO by  12.5.
 Final retake date (register by 20.4.!)
 All grades should be given / put in ASIO by
 Return the loose-leaf copy of your thesis to Study Office by          
 Graduation Ceremony in Kaukametsä
 Sat 27.5 at 12:00
 Graduation rehearsal in Kaukametsä  Fri 26.5. at 9:00


The graduation ceremony takes place on Saturday 27 May at 12:00 in Kaukametsä Congress Hall. The graduation ceremony lasts approximately for 1,5 - 2  hours.

A graduation rehearsal will be arranged before the ceremony (previous days) in Kaukametsä.

If you don't participate in the ceremony, you may pick up your certificate from the Study Office on the graduation day. On request, it is also possible to send the certificate by post.

Steps to take before Graduation


  At the end of your studies, you need to follow a certain process in order to obtain your degree certificate.

1. Checking your transcript of records

Your transcript of records will be checked at the study office before graduation. However, don't forget to check also yourself that you receive grades from each subject in time. Make sure that you have completed all the compulsory courses according to your group's curriculum.

If you still have courses unfinished, please discuss with the teacher in concern how to complete them.  Retake dates and instructions can be found from the Academic Year Guide or here.


2. Thesis

Detailed information on the thesis process can be found on the "Thesis" -website.

After the abstract of the thesis has been accepted, send the final name of your thesis to the Study Office by email. Be careful with small and capital letters and the spelling.

After your thesis has been approved and the final version is accepted, save the thesis in Theseus -database. After the thesis has been successfully uploaded in Theseus, you will receive an email to confirm this. Print this email.

Copy of the Thesis for the Study Office

Return the final version of your thesis to the Study Office after the supervising teacher has given you permission and accepted the finalised version. You should submit 1 loose-leaf copy (=printed, not stapled) for the Library archives. The loose-leaf copy of the thesis needs to be accompanied with the email from Theseus proving that you have already saved your thesis to the database (=Theseus). Return the copy of the thesis and the email form Theseus at the same time.  

If you wish to receive bound copies for you or for your employer, order and pay for this directly to the Student Union KAMO. The binding takes place in Taito 2 kiosk.

Maturity Test

Register for the maturity test online according to the instructions after the supervising teacher has given you permission to do so. Maturity tests are written on general exam dates. Choose a date which is a minimum of two weeks before the graduation confirmation date.   


3. Application for Degree Certificate

Complete the Application for Degree Certificate through Asio 14 days before graduation (Asio > Application for Degree Certificate). Answer the two questionnaires first. One is for national use required by the Ministry of Education and the other one is for our internal use. The national questionnaire is long but important - it is used to compare universities of applied sciencs and also our funding is based on these results, so please, fill it in carefully.

Once you have answered the questionnaires, you can access the actual degree certificate application. Please note that you have to complete the whole thing at once! Remember to update you contact details (particularly the section “contact details after graduation”). Please note that the Study Office cannot prepare the graduation documents without the application.

The graduation dates for the academic year 2016 - 2017 are as follows:


Apply for the Degree certificate  
(at the latest)

 Graduation Date
 August    15.08.2016  26.08.2016
 September    16.09.2016  30.09.2016
 October    14.10.2016  28.10.2016
 November    11.11.2016  25.11.2016
 December    07.12.2016                  21.12.2016


 Month  Apply for the Degree Certificate
(at the latest) 
 Graduation Date 
 January    13.01.2017  27.01.2017
 February       10.02.2017  24.02.2017
 March    17.03.2017  31.03.2017
 April    14.04.2017  28.04.2017 
 May    12.05.2017  27.05.2017 
 June    31.05.2017  22.06.2017


Choose the appropriate graduation date when applying for the degree certificate in ASIO. The graduation festivities are arranged in May and in December. Students graduating at a time other than the above will be honored in the form of a more modest coffee-and-cake occasion.


4. Foreign Students’ Language Proficiency Requirements

According to the UAS Decree (1129/2014, 7§) students must acquire the required foreign language skills deemed necessary for the practice of a profession and for professional development:

  • Written and spoken language skills in one or two foreign languages and
  • Spoken and written Swedish and Finnish (further detailed in the decree regulating the language skills required of public organization staff and personnel, 424/2003)


For Finnish students; the degree certificate will record a grade separately for Swedish (spoken and written). The maturity test provides an indication of the student’s skills in the Finnish language.

For foreign students: The above rule does not apply to students who have received his or her education in a language other than Finnish or Swedish or abroad. Students must make a written application for exemption from language studies. The application can be done at any point, but two weeks before graduation at the latest. The exemption form (online application) can be accessed from intranet > Studying > Forms for Students.

Foreign students must also inform the Study Office about the language of their school education (before their studies at the University of Applied Science); this will be mentioned in the Degree Certificate.


5. Diploma Supplement

The Diploma Supplement is an appendix to the higher education degree diploma/certificate for use in international contexts. The Diploma Supplement is a document developed jointly by the EU, the Council of Europe and UNESCO and Finnish law requires higher education institutions to present their students with a diploma supplement.

The appendix is a document in English, which includes additional information about the studies you have completed and the level of your degree and how it qualifies you for further studies and working life. The Diploma Supplement facilitates graduate mobility and the academic and professional recognition of qualifications abroad.

All graduates (both first/bachelor and second cycle/master programmes) receive a Diploma Supplement automatically and free of charge from their higher education institution. A transcript of records in English is attached to the Diploma Supplement, where all completed courses and grades are listed. The Diploma Supplement is not a substitute or translation of the original qualification or transcript but it provides more information about the qualification. 

More information about diploma supplement is available on the Commission's website.


6. Alumni Activities

All graduates of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences are considered alumni.  Alumni will receive information about further and complimentary education at regular intervals. The network will also organize alumni meetings where it will be possible to network with a variety of operators. Alumni can also work as visiting lecturer and commission assignments from students. As an alumni, you can also help us in marketing the KAMK for potential students in your country or elsewhere.  The alumni network will provide valuable information on the suitability of training for work and it acts as an important bridge with the changing sphere of working life.

You can join other alumni by enrolling in the alumni register.

Exemption from Swedish

The online form is available in intranet (Studying > Forms for Students)

Exemption from Swedish (log on to the remote pipe first)

Instructions concerning Graduation
Diploma Supplement
Staying in Finland after Completing the Studies

After completing the studies, the student may remain in Finland if he/she can be granted a new residence permit on other grounds. The permit may be granted, for example for

1) postgraduate studies (the same field of study)
2) employment 
3) on the basis of family ties.

A foreign student who has graduated from a Finnish university of applied sciences can be issued a temporary residence permit so that he/she can look for work. A new temporary residence permit can be issued once for a graduate for one year after the previous residence permit has ended.