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Practical Training Abroad

Make the most of the opportunity to complete your practical training period abroad, during your studies at KAMK. In view of your future career the experience gained by working abroad provides you with a significant advantage in the job market and it clearly demonstrates your willingness to take risks and to survive in a variety of environments to potential employers. 


The same rules apply to international traineeships as to practical training completed in Finland. Before starting your training period you must check your school's recommendation concering the timing of the practical training. Please consult your International Coordinator or your Practical Training Coordinator.


The application period is always open. However, it is a good idea to start planning your practical training abroad in good time – at least six months before your desired training period. Consider what you would like to do and learn while working as a trainee, where you would like to complete your training period and why. Please write an application and CV in English or the target country's language. Take these with you and visit your practical training co-ordinator to discuss possible placements and further actions. Please also remember the social media channels.

You should apply for a placement yourself, both in Finland and abroad. Please remember that finding a job abroad demands patience, flexibility and activeness. You can find information about available practical training places for example from this web-page.  

After finding the place

 Practical training contract 

  • Have the trainee post approved by your practical training co-ordinator or your practical training co-ordinator and ask him/her which practical contract must be used (a general contract is used in non-EU countries and an Erasmus+ contract is used in EU countries).
  • Submit a copy of the practical training certificate to the International Office.  

Exchange application

  • Fill in the electronic application form for international exchange in ASIO

Grant application

  • Fill in the electronic grant application form available on the student intranet. The grant can be applied if the duration of your practical training is a minimum of 2 months. 
  • Once the International Office receives the copy of the practical training contract (signed by the employer, the practical training co-ordinator and the student) , a practical training certificate can be made (needed for Kela and/or for the work permit).    


  •   You can find more information about KAMK insurance for students here.

Visas, Residence and Work Permits

  • Please see KAMK Foreign Exchange Guide

Erasmus+ and OLS language test 

  • Online language assessment is a mandatory part of Erasmus+ exchange (assessment before mobility, a voluntary online language course, assessment at the end of the mobility)
  • You will get a link to the test to your KAMK e-mail 


Before you return from practical training  

  • Ask the employer to fill in the Feedback from Employers form
  • Ask your employer to sign your weekly diary
  • Ask your employer for a work or practical training certificate or alternatively a traineeship certificate form (the third section in the Erasmus+ traineeship learning agreement form), if it is an Erasmus+ internship.    


After practical training period  

  • Complete a practical training report according to the instructions of your school of study
  • Enclose your weekly diary with the report as an attachment
  • Return all forms related to the practical training period and the employer’s feedback to the teacher coordinating your practical training
  • Accreditation of practical training: the teacher informs the study office that you have accomplished the practical training period; the study secretary records this in your academic record.        


    Payment of final installment

    • Complete and return the Digium questionnaire, EU Survey and OLS language test (Erasmus+ exchange)  and ASIO exchange report, and other tasks that may have been given to you
    • Submit a copy of the practical training certificate to the International Office if you accomplished an Erasmus+ internship.      

      Further Information


      The Foreign Exchange Guide is a handbook for students leaving abroad or for those who are planning to do so. You’ll find the answers to frequently asked questions concerning exchanges in this guide.