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Internationality Passport

While studying you will have the opportunity to develop the expertise and skills for working in international and multicultural working environments that working life requires of you. In order to develop such expertise there are activities provided at different stages of your studies that support internationality and from which you can make a selection that suits your aspirations. If the selection is sufficiently broad you will receive a separate attachment with your degree certificate, the â€˜Internationality Passport’. The Internationality Passport enables you to display your international expertise and to stand out from other job applicants.


Accomplishing the Internationality Passport

You can plan the selection of courses and studies that support the development of international competence as part of your Personal Study Plan. To be eligible for an Internationality Passport you must have accomplished at least 20 credits (no maximum limit). Apply for the Internationality Passport using the application form and submit it to the International Office.

Parts of the Internationality Passport

  • International student and trainee exchange
  • Foreign language studies 
  • International studies in Finnish 
  • Courses accomplished in a foreign language 
  • International tutoring 

The passport will not display any grades. The grades are displayed with the actual courses in the transcript of records.