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Kajaani and the Kainuu region

The four seasons of Kainuu present a set of striking contrasts. The highest daytime temperature in Kajaani during the summer months occasionally rises over 24 degrees centigrade. During the winter months, temperatures of minus 20 - 30 degrees centigrade are not uncommon. Due to low humidity, however, Finland's climate is actually not as cold as temperature readings might seem to indicate.

The Town of Kajaani

The town of Kajaani is small enough to feel safe, but large enough to provide all the services. It is the provincial capital of the Kainuu region in the geographical centre of Finland. Kajaani is located about 600 kilometers from the capital, Helsinki. With its population of 38,000, Kajaani offers you an excellent setting for competitive sports and free-time fitness activities, both indoors and out.

The town is small and most things are within short distances. There is hardly any public transportation in Kajaani and it is very expensive, so biking is a must.

The Kainuu region

Kajaani's location is ideal - it is located between two significant leisure centres, with the year-round versatility of Vuokatti and Lake Ouluj√§rvi with its clear water and popularity among holidaymakers. 

Vuokatti is located just 30 kilometers from Kajaani and it offers downhill skiing, ski-jumping and cross-country skiing. There is even a "ski pipe" where you can enjoy skiing even in the middle of the summer. When the autumn colours are at their best, it is great to hike in the highland scenery of Vuokatti. Regardless of the season, Vuokatti offers indoor activities as well; there is a spa "Katinkulta" with different kinds of activities available. Special events and concerts are arranged in Katinkulta all the year round. In Vuokatti, you can pay a visit to the Angry Birds Activity Park!


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