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School of Information Systems

The School of Information Systems consists of degree education provision in Business Information Technology (Bachelor of Business Administration) and in Information Technology (Bachelor of Engineering). These degrees contain certain similarities in educational content that will be delivered through jointly organised studies. Degrees offered in the School of Information Systems comprise 210 - 240 credits (3,5 - 4 years). All the programmes are taught in Finnish.

Studies Taught in Finnish

In the Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology students specialize in game technology and the studying is mainly project based. The degree contains certain jointly organised studies with the Bachelor's Degree in Business Information Technology (School of Business). On graduation, the students will be awarded the degree of Bachelor in Engineering. Read more about the Game Development

In the Bachelor's Degree in Business Information Technology the students will be selected based on their study success, special interests and wishes to undertake either the Data Center Solutions or the Game Development major option. In the game development specialization studies the second year is mostly delivered in English.