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Bachelor's Degree in Sports and Leisure Management

Higher education in Finland is known for its high quality. Studying at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (in brief: KAMK) offers you the opportunity to study a bachelor degree in English in a multicultural environment. Our students appreciate the individual guidance from the teachers and supporting staff which is enabled by small study groups. All our activities are arranged on one compact campus area near the town centre, surrounded by excellent facilities for those eager to do sports or just to enjoy the beauty of the nature.  

Degree title  Bachelor of Sports Studies
Extent of Studies  210 credits
Duration  3,5 academic years
Number of Study Places   20
Studies begin  end of August every year
Language of Instruction  English

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The Bachelor's Degree in Sports and Leisure Management offers studies relevant, interesting and enjoyable to athletic and sports-oriented people, with the opportunity to carry out many activities in and with a multicultural group. This programme is unique in Finland, combining sports management studies with activity tourism and business knowledge. 

Sports and Leisure Management studies at KAMK

The objective of the Bachelor's Degree in Sports and Leisure Management is to provide both Finnish and international students with a high quality, academic yet practical education in the field of sports. The students' professional competence will be built upon a multidisciplinary knowledge base, as well as practical and interpersonal skills. They will also be able to operate within different kinds of working groups and networks.

The studies in this degree include topics such as sports and exercise instruction, coaching and training as well as activity tourism. You will gain a working knowledge of project management and will be able to organize events. You can specialize in Recreation and Sports Services: Advanced Coaching, Wellbeing Tourism or Adventure Tourism. You can also complete part of your studies abroad using our wide network of international partners. For those interested in setting up their own business one day, we offer participation in a start up programme to develop entrepreneurial skills. The theme throughout the studies are experiential activities and smart solutions.

Graduates of this programme will be suitable for employment in sports and leisure organisations, associations, clubs and businesses and they will possess the know-how to run their own sports and leisure enterprises.  Your future job title might be Sports Instructor, Coach or Personal Trainer, for example, but you will be also able to work in different kinds of development, planning or training tasks within the field of sports or activity tourism. You can also work in managing and organizing sports events and activities. The Bachelor's Degree in Sports and Leisure Management provides you with the vital professional skills in sports management supported with knowledge in activity tourism and leisure management and business skills.


Learning Environment for Sports

The learning environment at KAMK actively encourages the achievement of the stated objective by providing a programme that is both responsive and flexible to the needs of students. Because of the nature of the programme, the learning strategies employed to achieve its objectives are varied; depending on the subject they may include: lectures, PE demonstrations, seminars, individual tutorials, workshops, case study, group work, project work and research. Interactive learning, team-based course work and small group sessions form an important element of the learning process of the Bachelor's Degree in Sports and Leisure Management. The students are also often offered possibilities to participate in planning and arranging different events locally. Participating in real-life events and projects provides students the opportunity to practise the skills they've learned in theory and to prepare for the working life.


The campus is located near the town centre, surrounded by excellent sports facilities for both indoor and outdoor sports. If you live on campus, you can just step outside to go jogging in the nearby forest, or skiing in winter.  At KAMK, you have two gyms and a sports hall available for students. A student-run start-up company KAMK Sports offers different kinds of Fitness lessons and sports activities for all students.

The Kunnon Syke Learning Environment

A combined exercise and well-being facility, Kunnon Syke (‘Great Pulse Rate’ in English) facility includes a gym, a testing and musical exercise area where Spinning bikes and a climbing wall are also located. The gym contains Technogym’s high quality gym equipment and so-called aerobic equipment such as two running mats, an exercise bike and a wave device. The gym also has audio equipment and a television will be installed close to the aerobic equipment to entertain clients as they run. The testing area comprises five Ergoline test bikes and a Fitware programme to test aerobic fitness. This area also houses bone exercise monitors and Pedometers and Inbody, a versatile device for measuring body composition.

The music exercise area is for different types of workouts (e.g. Step aerobics and muscle endurance workouts using Pump bars) and body control classes (Pilates, Method Putkisto) to dance classes and basic gymnastics. Individually adjustable spinning bikes are ranged along the wall of this area and if required they can be used in the middle of the floor for indoor cycling to music varying high and low gears for a real sweat! The climbing wall enables adventure education studies and it is also used by the School of Tourism. 


Additional Information

The Bachelor's Degree in Sports and Leisure Management at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences provides the opportunity to study in an international and sports-oriented atmosphere – here you can experience all four seasons and pursue sports and physical recreation outdoors and indoors. Our compact campus area offers state of the art equipment and an excellent study environment.

The Vuokatti all-round holiday and sports resort with excellent opportunities for cross-country and downhill skiing, swimming, hiking, bowling and tennis to name just a few, is only 35 kilometres from Kajaani.

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The application period is in January yearly and the studies start at the end of August. Please see "Applying for Studies taught in English" for more detailed information on the application process.

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