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General Information about Admission

One-place-per-student Provision

According to this provision, a student may accept only one study place leading to a higher education degree during one academic term. This rule applies to all higher education included in national joint applications and direct applications to universities and polytechnics/UAS. The purpose of this is to ensure admission to higher education institutions for as many students as possible.

The academic term (from 1 August to 31 December or 1 January to 31 July) is the set framework for implementation. The provision does not prevent acceptance of a place in another degree programme during another academic term. Even if the student postpones the commencement of studies, or interrupts his/her studies, that student cannot accept another study place for a degree programme starting in the same academic term.


Confirming the study place

Application results for Bachelor's degrees starting in autumn 2017 will be published on 30 June at the latest. In addition to the message of admittance, the student will receive instructions for confirming the study place online, as well as the instructions for the first year tuition fee payment if applicable. It is imperative that the student confirms the acceptance of the study place to the higher education institution by 14 July 2017 at 3 pm Finnish time at the latest, otherwise the student will lose the study place.

Confirmation of the study place is binding and cannot be altered or cancelled. If you have applied to several degree programmes, please wait until you have received all the admission results as you can only accept one new study place. Once you have received all the results, select your study place and make the confirmation online.

If you have applied with a qualification completed in Finland, and you still didn't submit your certificates to KAMK, send also a copy of your certificate(s) to KAMK Admissions Services. If you have been accepted to a higher option of preference, you cannot choose a study place from options of a lower preference. A student loses his/her study place, if the confirmation form arrives at the higher education institution after the set date.

Reserve places and waiting list

If a student has not been admitted to any of his/her study options and he/she is placed on a reserve place, he /she might be admitted on a later date. A student can also be placed on the waiting list for a reserve place if he/she has been admitted to a lower preference study place by 14 July 2017. The reserve place is for one of the higher preference options that the student has expressed in his/her joint application. Those admitted after the set date cannot be put on the waiting list.

A student remains on the waiting list until 14 August 2017. By this date, the student is either admitted to a reserve place on the waiting list, or to the study place initially offered to him/her. A student may have only one reserve place on the waiting list. This reserve place cannot be replaced by another on the waiting list.

Please note that waiting lists are not available for some degree programmes at universities. Please check the availability from the universities before submitting the study place confirmation form.

If you are not selected

If you do not receive a study place in the joint application, you will receive a letter informing you of your points and the possible reserve places for the options to which you have applied. Applicants allocated to reserve places are chosen according to the level of their results, should study places become available. Find out about your possibilities by directly contacting the institutes of higher education.

You can always apply again next year and it is worth contacting the admissions offices or employment offices in order to plan how to improve your chances for admission.


An applicant not satisfied with the results of the student selection process should first contact the university of applied sciences he/she has applied to. If the matter is not resolved, the student may appeal in writing to the executive board of the UAS in question. Such an appeal must be made within 14 days from the time the applicant had the possibility of receiving information on student selection.