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Applying for Bachelor Degree Programmes Taught in English

Kajaani University of Applies Sciences offers three programmes leading to a Bachelor's degree taught in English: 

- Bachelor's Degree in International Business (Bachelor of Business Administration)
- Bachelor's Degree in Sports and Leisure Management  (Bachelor of Sports Studies)
- Bachelor's Degree in Tourism (Bachelor of Hospitality Management)

Applying to Degree programmes conducted in English at Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences and Universities takes place through a system of joint application http://www.studyinfo.fi. Prospective students can apply to a maximum of six different degree programmes at UAS using the same application form. When applying, applicants must choose an order of preference for the degree programmes. The order of preference chosen in the application is binding and cannot be altered after the application closes.

Please note that Kajaani University of Applied Sciences does not offer any Master degree programmes in English. It is however possible to continue studies towards a Master's degree in a Finnish university after finishing the Bachelor's degree at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. 


Tuition fees

The Finnish government has decided to introduce tuition fees for non-EU/EEA degree students who start their studies in English-taught Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in August 2017 or after that. The new tuition fee legislation also requires the Finnish higher education institutions to introduce scholarship options to support non-EU/EEA students admitted in the fee-charging degree programmes.
Further information in general: http://www.studyinfinland.fi/tuitionfees2017

The tuition fee at KAMK is 6 000 euros per academic year. From second year onwards, the students who accomplish a minimum of 55 credits in one academic year, can apply for a scholarship that will cover 50% of the tuition fee.





ApplicantĀ“s Guide

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More Information
Joint Application System: http://www.studyinfo.fi

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